Creating Student Plans

Students need a road map for success in high school and beyond. TBEC strongly recommends that school districts purchase the Achieve Texas Education and Career Planning System powered by Kuder as the education and career planning tool for Texas Scholars. This is a proven system that provides a comprehensive set of education and career planning tools at a very reasonable cost. The system creates a life-time portfolio for each student, provides quality career, skills, and work environment assessments for students and adults, and is currently being used by over 300 Texas school districts and colleges and is the statewide system for 9 other states. School districts can upload master schedules and create individual 4-, 6-, and 8-year education and career plans. TBEC is supporting the statewide implementation of this system for regional and statewide education and economic development planning. For more information, contact Charles Simmons at or call the TBEC offices at (512) 480-8232.

About Kuder

Kuder, Inc. is the industry's leading provider of comprehensive, Internet-based educational and career planning tools that provide students and adults the necessary resources to create a roadmap for a lifetime of success.  Backed by a world renowned faculty and staff, Kuder continues to pioneer innovative products and services for the education and career development marketplace grounded in over 65 years of research. 

Kuder serves the educational and career planning needs of learners of all ages, while facilitating communication and collaboration between all stakeholders in economic prosperity - education, business, industry and state agencies. 

Why Kuder?

The Research-based Assessments

Designed to guide students and adults through the career planning process, the interest, skills and work values assessments are based on over 65 years of research, providing individuals with the most reliable and valid information to start them on the right road to career sucess.

Kuder Career Search with Person Match:

The Kuder Career Search with Person Match helps you discover your career interests, explore occupations beyond job titles, and effectively apply your personal interests to your career plans.

The Internet-based assessment is completed in approximately 20 minutes and provides immediate online scoring and reporting aligned to career clusters. You will receive an accurate report of your career interests which provides guidance for interpreting and using your results.

The report also includes the unique Person Match feature which compares your assessment results to a database of nearly 2,000 individuals working in today's occupations. Access career stories for the top individuals whose interests most closely match your own. Learn about how these individuals came to work in this occupation and why they like what they do.

Kuder Skills Assessment:

The Kuder Skills Assessment is a highly reliable self-estimate of your ability to perform work-related tasks. The results of the Kuder Skills Assessment parallel the interest results by aligning your skills with career clusters, promoting occupation selection with the greatest opportunity for satisfaction and success.

This online assessment can be completed in approximately fifteen minutes and provides immediate scoring. The results are presented in an easy-to-understand format that allows for self-interpretation and continuing education and career exploration.

Super's Work Values Inventory:

Donald E. Super has long been recognized for his research on work values. This revised inventory will assist you in determining what work characteristics are important to you. The online report will help to refine a potentially long list of occupation choices  to those that most closely match your work-related values. Individuals can read about working adults whose job satisfies a particular work value and see a list of occupations that match their work values profiles.

On average, the online inventory can be completed in less than 15 minutes. The inventory assesses 12 work-related values and reports results immediately in order of individual preference. The report is presented in a straightforward and easily interpreted format.

TBEC Achieve Texas Education and Career Planning System - Powered By Kuder

Using the TBEC Achieve Texas Education and Career Planning System-

With Middle School Students. The middle school/junior high years are a time for exploring-learning about interests and about the kinds of occupations students might enjoy. Once they have identified those, they will have a better idea about the courses they should take in high school.

Provide the following steps for students to consider while using the system:

With High School Freshman and Sophomores. 

In the high school years-especially in the 9th and 10th grade years-students should be closing in on a decision about the cluster of occupations they are likely to enter, which high school courses would be most beneficial for them, and what kind of education or training they will pursue after high school. 

Provide the following steps for students to consider while using the system:

With High School Juniors

The junior year of high school is a crucial year in career and academic planning. If students have not already done so, they should decide which occupation or occupation cluster they intend to pursue. Based on that decision, they will need to make preparations for entering the job market or further education. . 

Provide the following steps for students to consider while using the system: :

With High School Seniors

The senior year of high school is an exciting time as students make final decisions about their postsecondary plans. As they leave the familiar company and surroundings of high school, students will be looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing new opportunities in the workplace or in a new education environment. ;

Provide the following steps for students to consider while using the system: :