Texas Scholars Transition

Since 1992, through TBEC's Texas Scholars initiative, business and education volunteers have taken the message of "Opportunities come to those who are best prepared" directly to students in their classrooms.

The current Texas Scholars: High School and Beyond program places more emphasis on exploring career interests in middle school and high school and aligning educational programs with plans for college, entry into the workforce, or military. The program complements and supports several other statewide initiatives such as the Texas Education Agency's Achieve Texas Initiative, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's Closing the Gaps by 2015 Initiative, the Texas Workforce Commission's Putting Texas to Work Initiatives, and the Governor’s Office's Economic Development Cluster initiatives.

Being college and/or workforce ready requires students to take a rigorous course of study in high school aligned with career and future employment interests.  Since the majority of jobs in the 21st century require some post-secondary education and continuous updating of knowledge and skills, a post-secondary requirement was added to the Texas Scholars recognition program.  The post-secondary requirement helps students make an easy transition into post-secondary education and provides a significant cost savings for parents and students.