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The College for Texans website provides a guide for preparing for, applying for, and paying for college or technical school. Students need to begin preparing for college long before it's time to apply. This website is an up-to-date, easy-to-navigate site that provides all the essential steps needed to help students attend college. The website is

TBEC Achieve Texas Education and Career Planning Tools

The TBEC Achieve Texas Education and Career Planning Tools supports highly personalized career exploration and educational planning through user completion of research-based assessments that help individuals understand what they like to do, what they are good at doing, and the kind of work environment they prefer. Schools and students can use the system to create four-, six-, and eight-year student education plans, to explore colleges and careers across the state, to research opportunities for financial aid - all of this and more, from a single web site. As an Internet-based system, students, their parents/guardians, adults, and educators can access the system at any time from wherever they are - school, the library, workforce resources centers, or even at home. Once they create an account, users can use the system for a lifetime, without cost to them.

Dr. Charly Simmons, Texas Field Manager, Kuder, Inc., will provide additional information. Contact information is .


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